Data2Vault provide a range of data protection solutions all delivered as secure, managed services that are automated, optimised and simplify core IT operations to help drive efficiency and reduce risk.

  • Data Insurance
  • General Data Protection Regulation GDPR
  • Secure Cloud Backup
  • Secure Cloud File Archive
  • Secure Remote Virtual DR
  • Secure Cloud Data Replication
  • Secure Cloud Email Archive

Data Insurance

We enable the Insurance industry to provide high indemnity Data Insurance cover at a low annual premium through our Insured Data Environment for Data Protection. We have been certified to reduce the residual risk of losing your critical data assets, whatever the cause. Data Insurance is underwritten by Allianz, with Indemnity values starting at £1,000,000.

To see how much £1,000,000 of indemnity cover would cost per annum please complete our simple fast quote form


Managed Services

Data2Vault provide a range of data protection solutions all delivered as secure, managed services that are automated, optimised and simplify core IT operations to help drive efficiency and reduce risk. We understand the economic benefits of cloud computing and the flexibility it offers, but we believe that security and managing risk is fundamental to the successful adoption of Cloud based services. We have selected the most appropriate award-winning vendors in data protection and work closely with industry leaders in risk assessment to provide a range of complementary managed services all built and delivered to the most exacting data availability and integrity criteria.

GDPR Accelerator

Many organisations have yet to start their preparations for compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into force on 25th May 2018. Corporate Risk Associates have developed a GDPR Accelerator programme that can quickly get a GDPR programme on track within a cost effective budget. To gain momentum in the programme, CRA apply a quick win methodology, where self-contained, non-disruptive actions can be taken to yield immediate results without compromising the overall compliance objective.


Data Insurance FAQ

Data Insurance is new, it complements Cyber Risk cover and the most frequently asked questions are answered in this video.

CRA Data Insurance case study

Discover why Corporate Risk Associates, a leading UK risk consultancy have adopted Data Insurance to mitigate any permanent loss of their critical data.

London Digital Security Centre
London Digital Security Centre

Data2Vault have been invited to join the London Digital Security Centre Marketplace and work with a select group of market leading Cyber Security vendors to reduce the impact of Cyber crime on London businesses.

Asigra Attack Loop

Asigra Attack LoopTM Anti-Ransomware Protection for Backup & Recovery

Ransomware is becoming more sophisticated, new strains are attacking backup repositories and time delayed malware is discretely embedding itself, undetected into your data. Time delayed Ransomware also triggers when backup files are recovered causing an Attack LoopTM. Asigra have launched the Attack LoopTM solution to prevent reinfection of your data from time-delayed Ransomware. The solution also protects against deletion or infection of backup repositories and identifies zero day exploits

For more information please click here to download the Asigra Attack Loop service overview PDF

Secure Cloud Backup

Data2Vault provide a comprehensive suite of Data Protection services Powered by AsigraTM award winning applications from the world’s leading data protection software vendor for enterprise Cloud environments.

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Secure Cloud File Archive

From storage resource analysis we have carried out for our clients prior to developing a cost effective data protection plan with them, we consistently find less than 5% of the data stored in a network is regularly accessed within the last 30 days.

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Cloud Email Archiving

Email continues to be one of most critical business applications, often containing some of the most confidential and essential data a business needs in order to operate. Storage growth in email continues unabated as multi-media files and embedded data proliferate through email.
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Remote VirtualDR (rVDR)

For those organisations that have deployed virtual machines for their most critical systems we can offer a remote virtual Disaster Recovery service with IT DR plan and annual invocation test.
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